We specialize in helping men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

At Wellspire Medical Group we use a breakthrough, evidence based approach to treat Erectile Dysfunction. It’s called Acoustic Wave Therapy and it helps to open blood vessels in the penis which is crucial for a rigid and sustainable erection. The treatment also stimulates nerve endings which can enhance the feeling for an orgasm. Acoustic Wave Therapy is FDA cleared and is non-invasive. It is a drug free, surgery free, and needle free option for treating the root cause of ED.

Conveniently located at the Forest Medical Plaza in Paramus, NJ, Wellspire Medical Group doctors and staff are committed to providing exceptional care and offer the utmost discretion.

Call 201-425-0600 or use our website to set up a consultation to get started.

Acoustic Wave Therapy featured in Men’s Health Jan./Feb. 2018 issue Learn More

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